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Fenwick’s Suit

Fenwick’s Suit

Written and illustrated by David Small

Meet Fenwick. He’s the regular, mild-mannered guy in the office that no one seems to notice. What can he do to make a few friends? “Maybe it’s the way I’m dressed,” he speculates, and loses no time going to the tailor, where he buys a truly spiffy three-piece suit. But when his new plaid ensemble takes on a life of its own, the chaos that ensues for Fenwick is nearly disastrous and always hilarious.

“Small’s art and his storytelling are equally good: his pictures are alive with movement and filled with exuberant physical comedy and his telling is brisk and funny.”

Farrar Straus Giroux
ISBN 0-374-32298-8
ISBN 0-374-42296-6

Currently available in paperback only.